YouTube video

60% increase in average time
views on YouTube for the last 2 years

300 hours of video
download every minute

67% video
increases sales

5 billion videos
watch daily


YouTube video promotion
на 60% increase in average time
views on YouTube for the last 2 years

300 hours of video download every minute
67% video increases sales
Stages of promotion
5 billion videos watch daily

Best practices for promoting videos in YouTube

which will help build the semantic core of the video and the channel.

Convenient interface for successful blogging

even a 5 year old child
73% companies that use
videos significantly increased by
this profit
80 % global Internet traffic in 2019 will make a video
% information people remember,
  which they saw on the video, and only 10% - which they heard

Ubaly is indispensable if you want to:

Increase the number of unique viewers

58% Viewers find your videos using a YouTube search or clicking on similar videos. We will help you to increase the tag cloud tenfold in less than 10 minutes and reveal the content of the content you are missing.

convenient and intuitive interface

Keywords video
Channel keywords
Channel Info
Check list
Auto-match keywords
Quickly and conveniently browse the keywords of any video on YouTube that you can copy and use in your videos to catch up with competitors
Ability to analyze and use channel keywords for their own purposes. Thus, you can understand which words lead to the success of the Tope channels in YouYube
Channel Overview gives a complete picture of it.
Based on the best practices and promotion rules in YouYube, the checklist will show the status of all the necessary steps for successful video growth on the Internet.
When filling video with content, autoselection of keywords will show you only trend words that will give the maximum effect.

Create brand awareness and increase response

Get unparalleled insight

Views are only part of the story. We identify indicators that matter from engaging the audience through Facebook and Twitter, from mentioning the brand, from the best moment to upload to YouTube, from comparing with
competitors in order to show your relevant search positions.
Advertising can not buy love - the path from paid to earned and owned starts here. Build a loyal base
  fans, use word of mouth, influential partners and
  Maximize brand image with organic audience development.
Come up with the name, brand and direction of the channel that you will be pleased to lead and attract the target audience. Describe the activity of the channel as if sharing it with friends.

Stages of effective promotion in YouTube

Channel creation and niche occupation
Make a unique content
Unique, bright and interesting content is the key to the success of any channel. If this is difficult, then no one forbids borrowing video from other sources, if there are no restrictions on them.
Semantic core of the channel and video
One of the important factors for successful promotion of the channel and videos on YouTube are keywords that you can easily find thanks to Ubely. Watch for trends, change keywords if they don’t give you traffic a week later. Make up unique keywords and take a leading position in your search!
Ready to take your channel to the next level?
Now that you know how Ubaly can help you manage, optimize and expand the YouTube channel, it's time to take it for a test drive.
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